Do I Actually Need A Shoehorn For My Leather Shoes?

At Uwezo, we sell high-quality shoes made from repurposed hair-on cowhides. This gives our shoes a truly unique look and produces a strong, study product. However, while we are known for our shoes, we also sell authentic cow shoehorns made from natural Ankole Watusi cow horns.

Every purchase of Uwezo products helps children in need. A percentage of the profits goes directly to Empower African Children, a charity that provides scholarship and education opportunities to students in Uganda.

What Does A Shoehorn Do?

A shoehorn is a device that allows the user to put on a shoe more easily and protects the shoe from damage. While traditionally made of bull horns, hence the name, shoe horns can also be made out of plastic, metal, or other materials. You can even use a kitchen spoon as a makeshift shoehorn in a pinch, as many of us have experienced as children while our mothers frantically tried to shove our feet into too-small shoes while running late for church on Easter Sunday!

How Do You Use A Shoehorn?

Our shoehorns are made of smooth, polished bull horn. To use them, hold the leather strap in your hand and place the toe of your foot into your shoe. Place the thin blade of the shoehorn against your heel. As you press down with your heel, the shoehorn will naturally guide your foot into the shoe. As you remove the shoehorn from your shoe, your foot should be perfectly positioned.

Why Do I Need A Shoehorn?

Well, hold on there. If you don’t care about your shoes and you don’t mind jacking up your fingers when you try to put your new shoes on, then you don’t need a shoehorn. However, if you recently bought a pair of our cowhide shoes, then we assume that you do care about your shoes.

Shoehorns can be used for a number or reasons. Leather shoes start off stiff and will begin to relax and be more comfortable the more times you wear them. They are essentially molding to your feet for a custom fit. So you want to make sure you aren’t pulling or stretching them in ways that they don’t naturally stretch into while they are on your feet. If you pull the heel of your shoe back every day just to get it on, eventually the heel part will become loose and over-stretched. Using a shoehorn eliminates this problem as it helps your foot slide into the shoe without distorting it.

Another reason to use a shoehorn is if your shoe is too small. While you shouldn’t wear shoes that are truly a size or two too small, some people find themselves on the bigger end of a certain shoe size, but the next size up will be too big. Thankful with cowhide shoes, they will stretch and soften a bit to better fit your feet, so do not panic if your fresh-from-the-box Uwezos are a little snug. In this case, a shoehorn can help you push your heel into your shoe without having to risk bending and creasing the heel.

Lastly, if you just really love your shoes, protect them for as long as possible by using a shoe horn. All shoes will eventually wear out, but you can add years to your favorite pair by giving them some extra attention every time you put them on.

Extend The Life Of Your Shoes With A Cow Shoehorn

Our shoehorns are designed to last a lifetime. They are not only functional, but they are a thing of natural beauty and helps us ensure that no part of the bull goes to waste. Use a shoehorn to extend the life of your shoes and keep them looking sharp. Check out our shoehorns today!