Having A Rustic Chic Wedding This Summer? Add Uwezos To Your Wardrobe!

Whether you’re a true-blue cowboy or a chic city girl, there is no denying that rustic weddings are in right now. And for good reason, too! The timelessness that comes with a rustic wedding will ensure that you never look back on your wedding pictures and think, “Why did we do that?”

Thankfully, you don’t have to live in the country to throw a fabulously rustic wedding. In today’s blog, we are going to offer some ways to make your wedding rustic-chic no matter where you live! And, of course, we’ll clue you in on some of the best wedding shoes for a rustic wedding while we’re at it!

The Venue

Surprising no one, the best venue for a rustic wedding is somewhere, well, rustic. Rustic and rural go hand-in-hand, so choosing a venue that is off the beaten path is perfect. Any sort of old barn, farm building, or tin-roofed shed will be perfect. For beautiful wedding photos, choose a venue that is surrounded by rolling fields of wildflowers, mountains, or forest area. The view is just as important to creating a beautiful rustic-chic wedding as the venue is.

The Decor

The decorations are what take a wedding from rustic to rustic-chic. The flowers, chairs, and decorations bring your rural wedding into the 21st century. For floral pieces, lots of couples choose a lighter color scheme for a rustic wedding, as well as greenery like ivy, ferns, or myrtle. Choosing colorful wildflowers like daisies, thistle, lavender, lilac, poppies, baby’s breath, and zinnias are the perfect way for a country-chic couple to make a DIY bouquet!

Best Fabrics For A Rustic Wedding
There are certain fabrics that inherently invoke a rustic feel, and silk and satin are not them. Opt for fabrics that are a little more raw, like burlap or cowhide. Some couples choose to drape their table with a cowhide rug, or use cowhides to create an aisle or use as a centerpiece when they take their vows. Softer fabrics like linen or tulle also work very well for a rustic-chic wedding. You can drape these fabrics over a wooden arbor or tie them in a bow around each chair.

The Formalwear

Of course, brides and grooms have a world of opportunity when it comes to how they choose to dress for the wedding. Keep reading to learn how to incorporate a little bit of nature with your shoe choice for a rural look!

Rustic Wedding Dresses
Some brides choose to accentuate their rustic wedding dress with cowgirl boots, but truthfully, that might be a little old hat at this point. For a totally unique and modern rustic shoe, why not go with hair-on cowhide? It’s like the leather cowgirl boot but even more untouched and rural, while still being fashion-forward. To pair with a wedding dress, we would personally go with the Uwezo mule loafers or a pair of our super unique oxfords for women. Plus, what better pair of dancing shoes can you think of?
Rustic wedding dresses often take a note from vintage wedding dresses, with lace and tulle at the forefront. Sheer lace sleeves or a high neckline (or both!) is the perfect way to take a cue from your grandmothers and incorporate a sweet, romantic look. On the other hand, delicate straps or an off-the-shoulder look make for a super cute, more modern feel.

Rustic Wedding Suits
Brides and grooms in wedding suits or tuxedos aren’t confined to just wearing a black jacket with black trousers and black shoes. There is an infinite number of combinations when it comes to wedding suits, and there are even more ways to make them perfectly rustic — ten-gallon hat, optional. Black suits are a little more on the formal side, so don’t be afraid to stray away from these. Good options for rustic wedding suits include browns, greys, and blues. And don’t forget to have fun with fabrics and patterns, not just colors. For example, you can wear a tweed vest or a suede jacket. Pair these suits with our women's and men's cowhide shoes for a truly rural look. For a more formal look, we recommend our cowhide oxfords for men and women, and our slip-on cowhide shoes and slides for a more casual affair! You can tie any suit into the theme with a DIY wildflower boutonniere.

Choose Cowhide Shoes For The Perfect Rustic Wedding

The biggest secret to a rustic-chic wedding is incorporating natural elements into the venue, the decorations, and the outfits. From wooden barns to wildflowers to hair-on cowhide shoes, there are so many ways to capture a little bit of the outside world for your wedding day. Be sure to choose Uwezo for some of the most unique wedding shoes your guests have ever seen! Uwezo donates a percentage of the profits of every shoe sold to the charity Empower African Children, which helps to provide scholarships for Uganda’s brightest youth with the intent that they will be able to use their education to create a better tomorrow.