Learn About Our Partner Charity: Empower African Children

At Uwezo, a portion of the profits from each pair of unique shoes sold goes to the non-profit organization, Empower African Children. From women’s desert boots to men’s slip-on shoes, each pair of women’s and men’s cowhide shoes make a difference. Today, we wanted to take a couple minutes to shine a spotlight on Empower African Children so our customers know exactly what their cowhide shoes do for others.

What Does Empower African Children Do?

Currently, Empower African Children helps young people in Uganda by providing students with full scholarships to secondary and post-secondary school. Scholarship students earn full financial support from clothing and books to room and board to proper health care.

Why Uganda?

Uganda has an incredibly young population. The median age in Uganda is 15.5 years old, with over half of the population being under 15 years of age. To compare, the median age in the United States is 37.9 years old, with about 20% of the population being under the age of 15. In fact, Uganda is the second youngest country in the world, making it even more important to invest in young people there.

Experts suggest there are a lot of risks that come with such a young population. One of the biggest risks is putting more pressure on those who are employed to support those who are not at the household level. Unless young people are transformed into a productive workforce, there would be an unbreakable cycle of poverty.

In 1997, the Ugandan government introduced free primary school for all students, which greatly increased school attendance across the country from 3.1 million to over 8.5 million students today. However, nearly 68% of Ugandan students drop out before finishing primary school around age 13. Additionally, about 30% of female students leave school when they reach puberty simply due to a lack of access to sanitary products. While the adult literacy rate has increased significantly, and while Uganda does have better educational opportunities than some of its neighbors, there is not much opportunity for qualified students to receive the education they need to get high-paying, influential jobs.

The Best And The Brightest

Students in Uganda are able to apply for scholarships through Empower African Children. They look for students who come from challenging backgrounds but show immense potential by having strong character, leadership, and academic and career capabilities.

The goal of Empower African Children is to do exactly what their name implies. While many charity organizations provide for the basic needs of young people - which is, of course, vital - Empower focuses on delivering transformative education that will “prepare students for a lifetime of influence” and empower them to create a better future for themselves. They do this by supporting students at a private boarding school, providing them with post-secondary education at universities in Uganda and America, and helping them get into an influential career. By doing this, Empower’s goal is that these young people will become successful adults who are leaders in their communities and who can help create a better future for those around them.

Uwezo Shoes Help To Support Quality Education

When you purchase a pair of cowhide shoes from Uwezo, a portion of the profits from those shoes goes directly to Empower African Children. We believe in style with substance, in self-expression without the oppression of others. Our shoes are carefully crafted from repurposed hair-on cowhide. Our partner charity helps to create long-term, lasting change for a better world. Empower is currently working on building their own boarding academy in Uganda, and every pair of Uwezo cowhide shoes helps to support this and other endeavors. Shop our collection of unique shoes for women and men today. From our men’s desert boots to our oxfords for women, promote style with substance everywhere you go.