The Beauty Of Hair-On Cowhide Shoes

What if you could have a shoe that was truly unique? No, not “limited-edition shoes.” Unique, meaning: there’s not another pair exactly like it anywhere. At Uwezo, that’s our specialty. We create style with substance; fashion that will stick around for ages to come.

The beauty of using hair-on cowhide for our shoes, as opposed to simply cured and tanned leather, is that each pair is as unique as the animal that it came from. While our Instagram page can give you an idea of what our shoes look like, you never know exactly what will come in the mail when you order our cowhide shoes online (you can, however, pick the color scheme that you want and we’ll do our best to match you with a pair you’ll love). While it may seem scary to buy a pair of shoes don’t look exactly like what you see in the picture, you can rest easy knowing that care and dedication go into crafting each and every Uwezo shoe, and that you are receiving not only a quality shoe, but also a work of art.

Marilyn Monroe famously said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” While Miss Monroe was most often seen in dazzling heels, we think her sentiment holds true for more sensible shoes as well. We want the men and women who wear our shoes to conquer the world. We want you to wear your Uwezo shoes with pride knowing that some of the proceeds from each and every purchase goes to Empower African Children, a charity that provides transformative education scholarships to students in Uganda (you can read more about that in one of our previous blog posts). We want our shoes to give you confidence and inspiration.

For some inspiration, check out some of our favorite styles from Uwezo and why we love them.

Women’s Mule Loafer: Slides are the top-fashion shoe of the year, and we love these cowhide loafers. They are some of our only shoes that feature tanned leather in addition to unique cowhide. These shoes are perfect for all-day wear. You can slip these on with a pair of jeans for a weekend exploring a new town, pair them with some dress pants for an unforgettable interview, or throw on a dress and wear these shoes to a wedding or holiday party.

Men’s Slip-On: Our men’s slip-on cowhide shoes are the perfect mix of chic and rugged and look at-home at both formal and casual affairs. Not to mention they are incredibly comfortable and you don’t have to worry about your shoes coming untied. Slip-ons have become increasingly popular among men, and when done right, can go easily from work to play. Our cowhide shoes are a little bit more casual than your typical slip-on dress shoes, but much nicer and more grown-up than canvas slip-ons.

Women’s Oxford: Our Oxfords for women are perfect for working ladies who exude confidence. This is a classic look your Grandmother probably wore when she and millions of other women were busting down the glass ceiling and breaking into the workforce during WWII. Today, it’s that give-a-girl-the-right-shoes-and-she-can-conquer-the-world shoe. And guys, we have unique Oxfords for men too.

Men’s And Women’s Desert Boots: Desert Chukka boots are perfect for trekking about on adventures or wearing around the office. These boots will take you from the coffee shop to the executive office to the actual, literal desert. Comfy and functional, Uwezo’s desert boots for men and women are a must-have for anyone looking for an adventure.

Get Your Unique Cowhide Shoes Today

The above are just a few of our favorite styles, but there is more to be seen. Shop our full collection of hair-on cowhide shoes today for truly unique, one-of-a-kind shoes you won’t see anywhere else.