The Benefits Of Giving Back (Other Than Your Cute Cowhide Shoes!)

Here at Uwezo, we believe in doing out part to give back. “Giving Back” is sort of an all-encompassing term referring to doing something that benefits someone or something else, often more than yourself. Whether you’re building homes or schools in underprivileged areas, picking up trash in a national park, hosting foster dogs at your house, or donating money to good causes, giving back can be incredibly rewarding.

At Uwezo, one of the ways we give back is by donating a percentage of the profits from our cowhide shoes to Empower African Children, a non-profit organization that provides educational opportunities to students in Uganda. This program is determined to create long-term change by seeking out the best and brightest students and funding their education to prepare students for a lifetime of influence in their communities. The hope is that these children will excel and gain the necessary leadership skills to generate a positive impact in adulthood throughout Africa.

If you want to support Empower African Children and get a cute pair of Uwezo shoes in the process, head over to out cowhide shoe collection! Otherwise, keep reading to learn about some of the real benefits of giving back.


The Benefits Of Giving Back

By listing the benefits of giving back, we may be leaning into the age-old ideas of “there’s no such thing as a selfless good deed.” However, we don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. The TV show Friends tackled this dilemma in the episode “The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS” if you want to experience classic comedy surrounding this philosophical theory! In the meantime, check out these ways that giving back can benefit you and those around you.

  1. Improve Mental And Physical Health: Of course, if you spend your time cleaning up a riverbed or building houses, you’ll reap some physical health benefits just from being outside and moving. But the mind and body benefits of volunteering don’t stop there. For example, perhaps you volunteer to walk dogs or play with kittens at your local animal shelter, which can release feel-good hormones by spending time with some furry friends. But volunteering also helps combat depression by giving you a way to spend time with people and make connections and building a support system. Additionally, giving back in any capacity can help develop a sense of purpose and increase self-esteem by knowing you are doing something good to help others.
  2. Make New Friends: Whether you work from home, just moved to a new city, recently retired, or just want to expand your social circle, volunteering your time and expertise is a great way to meet new people who share common interests. Not only can you make new friends, but you might discover things about your community that you never knew existed. This is also a great way to increase social skills by communicating with strangers.
  3. Improve Your Community: Speaking of the community, rather than complaining about the state of your town, do something about it. Even if your town is seemingly wonderful, there is likely a myriad of things that can be done to improve it further. Whether you volunteer your time to tutor students or donate money to the local animal shelter, little things go a long way in improving a community.
  4. Bulk Up Your Resume: Let’s be honest, people with limited job experience might want to add a few extracurriculars to their resume. Filling employment gaps in a resume with volunteer hours shows potential employers that you are driven and passionate about improving the state of the world.
  5. Networking Opportunities: Along with building your resume, you also have the opportunity to meet local professionals who can open the door to new careers. Maybe you’re volunteering because you need to seek empowerment that you’re not finding at your current job. You might just discover new professional opportunities by helping others.

Give Back With Uwezo Cowhide Shoes

Volunteering in your community and around the world is a great way to make new friends, network, and discover new opportunities — all while doing something good for someone else. We encourage you to find ways to give back in your neck of the woods! In the meantime, you can help support us, a small business, and Empower African Children by purchasing a pair of cowhide shoes of your own! You can also head over here to donate directly to Empower and find ways to get involved with their organization.