Cow Shoehorn


Brand: Uwezo

Product Description

  • Traditional shoehorn
  • Natural Ankole Watusi Cow Horn
  • Polished for a timeless look
  • Leather strap for ease of use

Growing up, many of us knew a “shoehorn” as Mom painfully shoving a kitchen spoon into the back of our heel to try and force a too-small shoe onto our growing feet. However, traditional shoehorns are a thing of beauty and comparable to a work of art (sorry, Mom, your spoon idea was great, we promise). Made from natural steer horn, these polished shoehorns are a classy way to step into your cowhide shoes without unnecessary stretching or pulling. As an eco friendly shoe company, we don’t like to let anything go to waste, and that includes salvaging the horns from beautiful Ankole Watusi cows to create gorgeous shoehorns that will last a lifetime. This shoehorn is a great way to extend the life of your cowhide shoes or desert boots for men and women from Uwezo.

  • Measures 2-feet long with a 2-inch diameter